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Transport possibilities

Road transport

The industrial park of Levice - Gena has a direct connection to the local road network. The distance to the highway is about 40 km - in Nitra. Levice and Nitra are directly connected to the 1st class road No. I/51. From Nitra there are highways to Bratislava, Trnava, Trencin, Nove mesto nad Vahom, etc.
The local road network in the district  of Levice is excellent for public transport - buses and railway. The main railway station and the main bus station are situated next to each other and therefore it is possible to combine public bus transport, railway transport and local bus lines without any restrictions. The local public bus transport to IP Gena is served by bus Nr. 6 and Nr. 8 from the main bus station through Nam. Šoltesovej (centrum), Rybniky III. terminating by the industrial park Gena at 5,45 and 6,50 am. Afternoon departures are at 14,30 and 15,25 pm. The frequency of departures will be later adapted to the number of employees in the industrial park.

The construction of round-about junction was end up in august 2006 to slow down the traffic and increase its safety.


Railway transport

The City of Levice has direct railway connections to Bratislava, Trnava, Zvolen, Kosice and other important cities. The industrial park is served by its own railway line.



Some important international airports:

Budapest, 100 km from Levice

Bratislava 134 km from Levice

Vienna 180 km from Levice

Zvolen - Sliac 70 km from Levice

Some local airports: Nitra - Janikovce 40 km from Levice


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In case of any questions, you can contact...

Fax: +42136/6306901

Municipality Office
Mestsky urad
Nam. hrdinov 1
934 01 Levice
Slovakia/ Europe


adults and children:
Mo-Fri 15,30 p.m. - 7,00 a.m.
weekends and holidays - nonstop

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weekends 8,00 - 13,00

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