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Special kinds of infrastructure

Steam of low or high pressure
Hot potable water
Cold potable water



In the area there is a 22kV underground line. In the near future the City of Levice will build a local infrastructure network especially for the industrial park. This network will cover all demands and requirements for energy in the industrial park.
In the near big transformer station there are 2 x 110 kV lines available for use (in the case of special requirement for electricity). The is also electric power source on gas power cycle directly in the area of the industrial park.
Bear in mind 10 km from Levice there is a nuclear power plant in Mochovce and there is also a big 400kV bulk transformation substation in Levice.



Next to the industrial park there is a main water pipeline DN 225 of 3500m3/day capacity. In the industrial park is possible to use special kinds of water (de-mineralized, added with special ingredients, hot, cold, etc.) supplied from a near central heating source.



High-pressured natural gas pipeline available



Cable line (data and voice) - available (optical lines also)

aDSL high-speed broadband internet - avalible

Wireless access to internet - available

Wireless GSM/GPRS service - available


date: 2019-09-17

Name day of: Olympia

Detailed calendar

In case of any questions, you can contact...

Fax: +42136/6306901

Municipality Office
Mestsky urad
Nam. hrdinov 1
934 01 Levice
Slovakia/ Europe


adults and children:
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weekends and holidays - nonstop

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