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3.12.2018 - 3.2.2019   7pm

XMAS Concert Mirka Bartlova.jpg

Synagogue Levice

TIME AND DATE CHANGE! New 3 February 2019 at 7pm SYNAGOGUEXMAS Concert Mirka Bartlova and Cimbal Brothers

TIME AND DATE CHANGE! New 3 February 2019 at 7pm SYNAGOGUE
Christmas concert by Cimbal Brothers and Mirka Partlová

The XMAS Concert is moved from the 3 December 2018 to 3 February 2019 at 7pm at the SYNAGOGUE - CIMBAL BROTHERS and MIRKA PARTLOVÁ

Purchased tickets remain valid. If the new date does not suit you, feel free to return the ticket to the LEVICE INFORMATION AGENCY by 14 December 2018 with the full refund.

XMAS Concert - Cimbal Brothers and Mirka Partlová
Cimbal Brothers, who specializes in original cimbalom covers of the biggest world and Slovak hits, opens for concerts with famous actress and singer Mirka Partlová with Fusion Tour 2018.


date: 2019-01-18

Name day of: Bohdana

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934 01 Levice
Slovakia/ Europe


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