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ObrázokVápnik (formerly known as Šikloš) is a significant landscape area - it is 274 m high and is the biggest travertine-silt in the Danube lowland. It is an important palaeontology site. At the top there is a monument of the local battles during  World War II which serves as a lookout tower.


The massif Kalvária is an interesting place with ruins of a holy shrine where there is a nice view of the Štiavnica hills.


ObrázokThe Levice fishponds at the creek are a preserved area occupying about 92 hectares. This significant avifauna area was shaped from 1950 to 1956 as a system of artificial fishponds.



The Horsa valleyThe Horša valley national reserve is the biggest preserved area inLevice region, with an area of 326 hectares. The valley is canyon-like,with 20-30 m high cliffs forming tower rocks and frames.


ObrázokThe surroundings of Levice are rich in thermal springs, which are the most visited places by people wishing to relax. The nearest one is the recreation area Margita-Ilona, situated 5 km from Levice with good swimming, sporting and camping facilities. Accommodation is available in bungalows or caravans and tents. 17 km from Levice is Santovka with carbon streams and warm water springs of 28 degrees Celsius, used as early as  the 16th century. A factory producing mineral water was built here in 1945. The mineral water has healing effects especially on digestive and respiratory systems. The swimming pools in the recreation area are full of mineral water all summer long. Thermal spas in Dudince (about 20 km from Levice) and Podhájska (30 km) are visited all year long by domestic and overseas visitors.


ObrázokThe settlements made of stone and rock in Brhlovce have been since 1983 a national reserve of rustic architecture and also an exhibit of  the Tekov Museum, which won  the international prize "Europa Nostra 93", given by the European Committee for countries and small cities. Some of them are inhabited even today.


ObrázokThe water mill in Bohunice is an exhibit of the Tekov Museum where visitors can see how miller´s craft was made in the past.


The 27 hectares wide water reservoir Lipovina in Bátovce is an attractive place for people interested in water sports (swimming, windsurfing, diving) but also for other people wanting to relax, camp or fish. Of interest is the Gothic Church from the 14th century.


Obrázok In Nový Tekov in the 19th century a well-known stud farm was established, for livery of race horses by the Shoeller family. Nový Tekov offers accommodation in the area with availability  of horseback riding, water sports and fishing in the nearby lake as well as hunting in the woods.


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