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Best athletes of the town in 2015Vytlačiť

The city of Levice awarded the best athletes of the city for their results from the year 2015. The sport clubs in Levice and the public had the opportunity to present their propositions until the half of January. The committee discussed and approved them on the meeting of town representatives in February.

The ceremonial act was held on 19. April 2016 in the synagogue in Levice. 10 individuals were awarded, 1 sports club, 1 sports personality of the town and furthermore an in memoriam prize has been awarded. The moderator of the event Mr. František Graňo provided the exhausting information about the achievements of the athletes and the professional performance presented by the pupils and teachers from the basic school of art in Levice put the finishing touches on the festive atmosphere.

Prizes in the category individual:

 Branislav Turčan, football club FK SLOVAN LEVICE

Active player and a successful trainer U11

Daniel Chaban, school/sport basketball club ŠBK JUNIOR LEVICE

U13 Slovak-Championship basketball winner and a MVP of the final Slovak-Championship tournament

Martin Danielič, school/sport basketball club ŠBK JUNIOR LEVICE

Best ŠBK JUNIOR LEVICE player for the year 2015

Vice master of Slovak Republic in basketball U15 and MVP of the final Slovak-Championship tournament Captain of the Slovak representation, which positioned 3. on the Olympic hopes tournament

Marcel Bátovský, school/sport basketball club ŠBK JUNIOR LEVICE

Vice master of Slovak Republic in basketball U15 nda MVP of the U15 League

Best shooter of the final Slovak-Championship tournament

Member of the All-stars European league U15

Representative of Slovak Republic – 3. place on the Olympic hoper tournament

Peter Chmelovics, Natural Bodybuilder, ŠK ARENA RELAX TEAM Dunajská Streda

European-Championship 3. place, Slovak-Championship 3. place

Grand PrixHungary 1. place

Irongym cup Zvolen 1. place

Victoria natural cup 3. place

Matúš Verbovský, triathlon,  ŠK ATÓM LEVICE

3., 6., 12. and  17. overall place in the European junior cup in triathlon

Youth master of Slovak Republic triathlon, duathlon and aquathlone

Slovak Republic school master in 3000 m run and Slovak Republic vice master in triathlon and copper medallist in Slovak-Championship in triathlon (category: Men)

Tadeáš Fazekaš, triathlon,  ŠK ATÓM LEVICE

European cup 4., 5., 6., and 10. place

overall 10. place in the European junior cup  in triathlon

1. place in the Slovak junior cup

Master of Slovak Republic in DUATHLONE, TRIATHLONE,  3000 m run and master of Slovak Republic in triathlon (category: Men)


7 gold medals from the international swimming contest in Paris

18 gold and silver medals from the Slovak-championship, 10 gold and 7 silver medals in 2015  

holds 13 Slovak records


Participated with swimmers from over 42 countries in the ISM BERLIN and won 7 gold and 1 silver medal

Won the Slovak Championship 37 times, 18 times in 2015

Holds 66 Slovak records, 34 in 2015 and she overcame the record of Martina Moravcová 2 times

Filip Graňo, parawestern,  G4 RANCH DFD SANTOVKA

EXCA 1, international MSR PARA 3a3, Slovak Championship JUNIORI 3, Slovak Championship OPEN 3, 24. Place in the European junior Championship, winner of Slovak cup barrel race, gold and silver medal from the special Olympics LA

Prizes in the category sportsclub:


Masters of Slovak Republic U15, participants of the European basketball league U13

Sports personality of the city Levice:

Mr. Jozef Vidra

Born in Levice and will celebrate his 70. birthday in August. His name is inseparably connected to the football activities in Levice. After he left Levice, he went to the club Lokomotív in the Čermel city district in Košice where he worked his way up to the A-league. He returned to Levice in 1972 and established, together with Tibor Kovesi, the first sport centre of football in the second elementary school. A year later, he established a sport centre near the technical school, where many great player and representatives of Czechoslovakia grew up - - Július Bielik, Atila Belanský, Laco Totkovič, Jozef Krenčan, Laco Mesároš ... As a trainer, he brought the A-league of Levice into the second league and many achievements of the youth team are connected with his name.

Sports personality of the city Levice – in memoriam

Ján Mihál

Sport commentator and moderator, whose interchangeable voice could be heard from the speakers in many stadiums in Levice for almost 40 years. He spent a lot of his personal free time on football because he loved it. He was collecting the results of Lavice team football seasons. His newspaper clippings and photos were an inevitable part of the archive documentation from many period of the Levice football history. An monography was published on the 100. celebration of the Levice football.

Mrs. Serafína Mihálová took the prize in his name.

We would like to congratulate all of the awarded people and we wish them many achievements in personal and professional life!



date: 2017-12-18

Name day of: Sláva, Slávka

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