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Welcome to Levice!



Dog refuge moved to on another placeVytlačiť


Inform the general public that in the near future we will be moving to new premises, enabling us to provide long-term rent free our city. Still, we are on the old site (for an overpass right at SITA areas), where also the end of August we will. You can usually find us there in the Afternoon hours. Walking times are always posted on our FB page.
Please people, what neighborhood they live in or even have a garden of patience. We are very sorry that you’re dog barking noise, often in time silent hours, but trust us; we are doing everything we can to speed up downloading. Some situations can, unfortunately, require and evening trips to the shelter. We try to reduce them to a minimum, however. These are cases where it is necessary to bring evening medications, clean the wound, or replace the water in this hot weather. Please try and understand us realize that we do this work voluntarily in their free time and without any financial reward. I we'd imagined spend this time differently, but it cannot be. We got this job, so try to do it properly and responsibly. It requires sometimes a high price.
Big thank you and we want to express our vet DVM. Babinski and all UNIVET clinic and a great team of professionals who have not saved the life of one animal.
Thank you very much and Mrs MD. Butašová makes everything possible and impossible to help us.
And perhaps the biggest thanks go to you, volunteers, permanent and transient, without which we could not manage it. We help you go a day with walking and care. Once again - THANK YOU!
All the information you need about our dog, associations and phone numbers, visit the FB page OZ Happy home or

Your Happy Home


date: 2017-12-18

Name day of: Sláva, Slávka

In case of any questions, you can contact...

Fax: +42136/6306901

Municipality Office
Mestsky urad
Nam. hrdinov 1
934 01 Levice
Slovakia/ Europe


adults and children:
Mo-Fri 15,30 p.m. - 7,00 a.m.
weekends and holidays - nonstop

Mo-Fri 16,00 - 19,00
weekends 8,00 - 13,00

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